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New York City Construction Lawyers

DL Partners offers comprehensive legal services specifically tailored to the complex and challenging environment of construction law. Our team of seasoned attorneys is adept at serving a diverse portfolio of clients such as contractors, developers, architects, and property owners.

Our practice in construction law involves the meticulous drafting and review of construction contracts, legal consultation on construction defect disputes, advice on adherence to construction site safety regulations, and resolution of labor and employment complexities.

In-Depth Construction Law Services

At DL Partners, our team of specialized construction attorneys employs targeted strategies to safeguard client interests, expedite project completion, and preemptively address any legal disputes. Our suite of services includes:

Sound Legal Contractual Support

Our legal professionals draft, scrutinize, and negotiate construction contracts, ensuring every clause is designed to protect our clients’ rights and facilitate project outcomes.

Defect Claims Management

Our attorneys leverage their deep knowledge of construction intricacies to handle construction defect claims, working diligently to comply with all statutory obligations while resolving issues swiftly.

Compliance Assurance

We bring a wealth of experience in construction site safety regulations and labor laws to help clients maintain strict adherence to all applicable rules, thereby avoiding potential legal pitfalls and operational disruptions.

Informed Construction Advisory Services

Our advisory services are tailored to client needs, ranging from interpretation and enforcement of contractual terms to providing sound legal representation during construction disputes.

Global Construction Legal Services

We assist U.S. clients with construction projects overseas as well as international clients with projects within U.S. jurisdiction. Our global construction law services include:

  1. Navigating international construction contracts and regulations.
  2. Mitigating risk in cross-border construction projects.
  3. Actively representing clients in international construction conflicts.

Construction Dispute Resolution Services

Our attorneys’ substantial experience in construction law aids in resolving an array of construction-related disputes, from contract breaches to payment controversies and other associated legal issues.

DL Partners fully recognizes the challenges and potential conflicts within the field of construction law. Our skilled attorneys stand committed to providing sound legal counsel and personal attention at each step.

We collaborate with our clients to devise tailored strategies that cater to their specific needs and goals. For more information about our construction law practice and how we can assist you with your construction-related legal needs, please contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questios

What does construction law cover?

Construction law covers the range of legal issues related to the construction process – including contract law, insurance law, bond law, and lien law.

What can a construction lawyer do for me?

A construction lawyer can protect your rights and interests by drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts, ensuring regulatory compliance, managing defect claims, and offering sound legal representation during disputes.

What are construction defect claims?

Construction defect claims are legal claims

brought by property owners, condo and/or co-op boards against builders, contractors, developers or other parties involved in the construction process for alleged defects or deficiencies in the construction of the property.  Construction defect claims can manifest in various forms and may include (i) structural deficiencies, (ii) water intrusion and moisture problems, (iii) plumbing and electrical problems, (iv) building code violations, (v) construction material defects, (vi) design errors and (vii) workmanship issues. 

It is important to note that construction defect claims can be complex and often require a thorough investigation by experts to determine the cause and extent of the defects.  

How are disputes in construction projects resolved?

If a dispute arises in a construction project, negotiation is typically the first step. If negotiation proves unsuccessful, mediation, arbitration, or litigation may be explored, with an experienced construction attorney providing guidance and representation throughout the process.