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Estate Planning at DL Partners – Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

DL Partners offers a diverse trust and estate practice that provides estate planning, trust and estate administration, and related tax services. Our estate planning services are designed to help high-net-worth individuals from various industries, including owners of closely-held businesses, real estate investors, corporate executives, venture capital, and private equity investors.

Our trust and estates practice offers comprehensive services that include the preparation of wills and trusts, family limited partnerships, charitable foundations, and other related documents.

Estate Planning Services

Our estate planning attorneys specialize in developing plans to help our clients minimize estate and gift taxes, protect their assets, and ensure the orderly transfer of business interests. Our services include:

Minimizing Estate and Gift Taxes

Our attorneys work with clients to develop plans that minimize their estate and gift tax obligations. We use a variety of strategies, such as creating trusts, gifting assets, and utilizing exemptions, to minimize tax liabilities.

Protection of Business Interests

We understand the importance of protecting business interests, and we work closely with our clients to develop plans that ensure that their business interests are protected from creditors and other potential threats.

Orderly Transfer of Business Interests

Our attorneys prepare plans to ensure the orderly transfer of business interests to future generations. We work with clients to develop succession plans that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Trust and Estate Administration Services

Our firm provides a wide range of trust and estate administration services, including preparing probate documents, arranging for the management and distribution of assets, preparing estate, gift, and fiduciary tax returns, and settling the estate’s account.

International Estate Planning Services

We represent individual U.S. clients with foreign assets, foreign spouses, or both. We also provide planning advice to foreign clients residing in the U.S. and foreign clients who own U.S. property. Our international estate planning services include:

  • Developing plans to minimize estate and gift taxes for clients with foreign assets.
  • Advising clients on U.S. estate tax issues related to foreign spouses.
  • Developing plans to ensure the orderly transfer of U.S. property owned by foreign clients.

Estate and Trusts Litigation Services

Our attorneys are available to represent clients in estate and trusts litigation. We work with clients to resolve disputes related to wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents.

At DL Partners, we understand that estate planning can be a complex and overwhelming process. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing personalized attention and guidance throughout every step of the process.

We work with our clients to develop customized plans that meet their unique needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more about our trust and estates practice and how we can assist you with your estate planning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questios

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the process of making arrangements for the management and distribution of your assets after your death. It involves creating legal documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced healthcare directives.

Why do I need estate planning?

Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of your age or the size of your estate. It ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, minimizes taxes and expenses, and provides for the needs of your loved ones after your death.

What is a will?

A will is a legal document that outlines how you want your assets to be distributed after your death. It also allows you to name guardians for minor children, name an executor to manage your estate, and specify other important details.

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement in which a trustee manages assets on behalf of beneficiaries. Trusts can be used to minimize taxes, avoid probate, and provide for the long-term management of assets.

What is probate?

Probate is the legal process of settling a person’s estate after their death. It involves validating the will, paying debts and taxes, and distributing assets to heirs

How can estate planning help minimize taxes?

Estate planning can help minimize taxes by utilizing strategies such as gifting, charitable giving, and creating trusts.

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to designate someone to make financial or healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. The power of attorney document outlines the scope and extent of the agent’s authority, specifying the actions they are authorized to take on behalf of the principal. It can be broad and comprehensive, granting the agent the ability to make a wide range of decisions, or it can be limited to specific tasks or circumstances.

When should I start estate planning?

It’s never too early to start estate planning. Ideally, you should start as soon as you have assets and dependents to protect. However, it’s never too late to start planning, even if you’re already retired.

Can I do my estate planning myself?

While it’s possible to do your estate planning yourself, it’s not recommended. Estate planning is complex and requires a thorough understanding of the law. Working with an experienced estate planning attorney can help ensure that your wishes are properly documented and your assets are protected.

How often should I update my estate plan?

You should review and update your estate plan regularly, especially if there are any significant changes in your life such as a marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or acquisition of new assets. It’s recommended that you review your estate plan at least every 3-5 years.